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Request for Flyer Distribution

Flyer Distribution Submission Form

General Information

Agencies or organizations requesting to distribute flyers to Austin Public Schools (APS) students and their families through schools must have approval from Human Resources. Flyers MUST include the following disclaimer to be approved:

Austin Public Schools is not sponsoring, endorsing, or recommending the activities announced in this flyer.

Requests must be completed for each flyer, each school year, even if from the same agency/organization. To request approval:

  • Include the APS disclaimer on each flyer (the first page, for a multi-page publication) in at least 10-point font
  • Complete the form
  • Submit a .pdf sample of the flyer to be distributed to
Upon approval, a letter will be sent via email to the contact person listed on the form. To distribute:
  • Print/copy, bundle flyers into packs of 35, and deliver to the schools' main office
  • Include a copy of the approval letter with each delivery
Requests submitted without the disclaimer on the flyer will be automatically denied. The approval letters are typically delivered within one week, however APS reserves up to ten business days from submission to review requests. If your flyer has more than three pages, please contact our office.

Guidelines For Approval

APS will consider approval of distribution request based on the following criteria:
  • Materials must support the district curriculum or the academic goals of APS.
  • The requesting organization must be a non-profit organization.
  • The requesting organization must offer free, or affordable, activities and/or services so that students and families may not be excluded from the activity or event.
  • Materials/flyers must be non-partisan and secular in nature.
  • Materials/flyers must contain information stating who the sponsor is and include contact information as a resource to parents.
  • Materials/flyers must clearly state program costs and indicate the availability of scholarships and/or sliding fees.
  • APS does not distribute materials from outside entities to staff members.
APS will NOT approve distribution request if the materials:
  • Are likely to cause disruption to the school or schools.
  • Interfere with the school's or school district's educational objectives.
  • Are obscene or libelous.
  • Relate to a product or service not permitted to minors by law.
  • Advocate violence or other illegal activity.
  • Advocate violation of district policy and/or school regulations.

Contact Information

Austin Public Schools
401 3rd Ave NW
Austin, MN  55912
Phone: 507-460-1900
Superintendent: David Krenz
Administrative Assistant: Sharon Alms

Important Phone Numbers
District Enrollment: 507-460-1937