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Teacher Calendar

45/15 Teacher Calendar

Elementary Para Calendar

Elementary 45/15 Para Calendar

Secondary Para Calendar

Nurse and Success Coach Calendar

Nurse and Success Coach Modified Calendar

10-Month Secretary Calendar

10-Month Secretary Modified Calendar

11-Month Secretary Calendar

12-Month Secretary Calendar

Food Service Calendar

MHP Calendar

MHP Modified Calendar

Principal 225-Day Calendar

Principal 230-Day Calendar

Principal 52 Week Calendar

Contracts & Working Agreements

2019-2021 AEA (Teacher) Working Agreement

2020-2022 Principal Working Agreement

2019-2021 Secretarial Working Agreement

2019-2021 Paraprofessional Working Agreement

2019-2021 Custodial Working Agreement

2019-2021 Food Service Working Agreement

Contact Information

Austin Public Schools
401 3rd Ave NW
Austin, MN  55912
Phone: 507-460-1900
Superintendent: David Krenz
Administrative Assistant: Sharon Alms

Important Phone Numbers
District Enrollment: 507-460-1937