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Information Technology

The Information Technology Department maintains and supports 10 locations, approximately 6,200 devices, and serves almost 6,000 users comprised of both students and staff. Austin Public Schools is primarily a PC based school district offering 1:1 Lenovo PC devices to students in grades 5-9, with plans to implement a 1:1 device option through grade 12 starting with the 2016-17 school year. The district also supports IOS devices, primarily in the K-4 grade band, with a presence of almost 400 devices.

Need to Contact Us?

If you have any technology needs, you can reach us at (507)460-1930 or by submitting a tech request from the links at the top of this page.

Information Technology Mission

The mission of the Information Technology Department is to support innovation in the uses of technology, facilitate student learning experiences, enhance administrative efficiency, and provide tools which support staff in providing learning experiences that are Authentic, Inquiry Driven, Participatory, Shared, and Reflective.

Essential Technology Outcomes

Tech Plan

Tech Disaster Recovery Plan

Acceptable Use Policy

Bring Your Own Device

1:1 Technology Handbook

Student Resources

SCCM (to install SCCM, you must be on an ISD492 network connection)

Staff Resources

To access Staff Resources, please click here.

To connect to a printer, please click here using Internet Explorer.
Eric Harder
Technology Services Coordinator

Michael Jones
Network Administrator

Connor Williams
IT Support Technician

Matt Munroe
IT Support Technician

Jeff Humphress
IT Support Technician

Matt Christian
IT Support Technician