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Student Support Professionals

It is the role of the Student Support Professionals to support students to achieve and plan for their futures. We are trained to assist students and their families when academic, social, or emotional issues become barriers to learning or attending school. This support is provided in a variety of methods depending on student need including: advocacy, 1:1 counseling, small group counseling, classroom guidance, assisting with classroom accommodations / modifications and referrals to community service organizations.

We are here to support you and your child. If you have any concerns about your child's success in school please contact the appropriate Student Support Professional.

Community Learning Center

Lori Coughlin-Jeffrey, School Social Worker
(507) 460-1700, ext. 4968

Melissa Kossoris, School Psychologist
(507) 460-1712

Woodson Kindergarten Center

Lori Coughlin-Jeffrey, School Social Worker
(507) 460-1400, ext. 4968

Melissa Kossoris, School Psychologist
(507) 460-1400, ext. 1412


Chris Napton, School Psychologist
(507) 460-1200, ext. 1612

Kendra Hotchkiss, School Counselor
(507) 460-1200, ext. 6143


Holly Thomas, School Counselor
(507) 460-1600, ext. 3103

Chris Napton, School Psychologist
(507) 460-1600, ext. 1212


Joe Kroc, School Social Worker
(507) 460-1300, ext. 1307

Kevin Anderson, School Psychologist
(507) 460-1300, ext. 1312


Maureen Noterman, School Social Worker
(507) 460-1100, ext. 6192

Brienna Sterzinger, School Psychologist
(507) 460-1100, ext. 1112

IJ Holton

Farin Delaney, School Counselor
(507) 460-1534

Emily Beaver, School Social Worker
(507) 460-1535

Brienna Sterzinger, School Psychologist
(507) 460-1533 x1533

Ellis Middle School

Cassandra Owens, School Psychologist
(507) 460-1500 x1512

Tracy Bachman, Truancy Officer
(507) 434-2722

Kirstin Norby, Student Support Professional
(507) 460-1500 x1517

Lea Oelfke, School Counselor
(507) 460-1500 x1513

Austin High School

Sarah Schmit - Students with last names A-E
(507) 460-1800 x1817

Lynn Keenan - Students with last names F-La
(507) 460-1800 x1813

Julie Hale - Students with last names Le-Reh
(507) 460-1800 x1816

Bryce Hoffa - Students with last names Rei-Z
(507) 460-1800 x1814

Kelley Lang, Truancy Officer
(507) 460-1819

Taylor Bordelon, School Psychologist
(507) 460-1800 x1818

Sheri Willrodt
Director of Special Services

Melissa Larson
Special Services Finance Specialist

Austin Public Schools
401 3rd Ave NW
Austin, MN  55912
Phone: 507-460-1900
Superintendent: David Krenz
Administrative Assistant: Sharon Alms

Important Phone Numbers
District Enrollment: 507-460-1937