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Kids Closet Donation

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Today, representatives from Austin’s Kiwanis Early Risers Club and Faith Church presented their sixth annual Kids Closet donation to Austin Public Schools and Head Start.

Kids Closet is a program that provides clothing necessities to students in need, from sweatpants and underwear to t-shirts and other essentials.  “We have families who have never experienced a winter in Minnesota,” said Sumner principal Sheila Berger, “and so it’s huge that we’ve been able to provide warm socks and other clothing when students need them.”

According to Cindy Jensen, secretary and treasurer of the Kiwanis Early Risers Club, the program began when one of their members noticed that some of her students lacked some necessities.  The club began raising money to fund the program, which currently operates in all four Austin elementary schools, Woodson Kindergarten Center, the Community Learning Center, and Austin’s Head Start program.  In recent years, the program has grown to include donations from Faith Church and, this year, the Austin Eagles Club.

“It’s truly inspiring,” says Austin School Board president Kathy Green, “to see the community coming together to support our students.”