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Austin Public Schools

Research, Evaluation, and Assessment

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The mission of the Research Evaluation & Assessment Department is to support the district mission of "Empowering and Engaging all learners for life" by building capacity through research, evaluation and the application of data to inform school improvement for student success. We provide support and expertise to schools and staff through:

  • Providing expertise in the area of measurement and delivering accurate and timely information to building and district staff
  • Providing support to district and schools through a systematic evaluation process of district programs
  • Reviewing and summarizing data related to student learning and instruction
  • Providing professional development on assessment practices, data analysis and interpretation

Conducting Research in Austin Public Schools

The Research Evaluation & Assessment office reviews all internal and external requests to conduct research in the district. For more information on research requests, please contact Corey Haugen, Director of Research Evaluation & Assessment, at 507-460-1933.

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Corey Haugen
Director of Research Evaluation and Assessment