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Austin Public Schools

Austin Public Schools

401 3rd Ave NW
Austin, MN  55912

District Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
7:30AM - 4:30PM

School Board

Austin High School

School Board Information

The Austin School Board is a policy-making body responsible for the district's curriculum, personnel, and physical facilities. They work hard for Austin Public School students and encourage your involvement and feedback. The public is invited and encouraged to attend School Board meetings. Regular School Board meetings are held at 5:30 pm in the AHS Annex Recital Hall at 205 4th St NW. Please enter through Annex Door #1. Meeting dates are noted in the calendar. Please call 507-460-1900 with any questions concerning school board meetings.

The meeting agenda is posted on the district web site and in the Superintendent's Office at 401 Third Avenue NW three days prior to each meeting. School Board minutes are also posted on the district web site and published regularly in the Austin Daily Herald. The meetings are livestreamed on the APS YouTube channel and the link will be made available in the meeting agenda as well as via social media.  Please note only regular monthly meetings are livestreamed (this does not include study sessions).

During each Regular School Board meeting, the Board will allow members of the audience to address the Board. Please observe the following guidelines:

  • Notify the Chairperson of the Board or Secretary that you wish to address the Board.
  • The speaker is asked to identify him/herself by name and, if he/she represents an organization, to name the group. Remarks should be addressed to the Board as a whole.
  • Each presentation will be limited to five (5) minutes.
  • Delegations must be represented by not more than three (3) spokespersons, with the same five (5) minute limitations for each.
  • The School Board will not hear complaints about individual school employees or permit discussion of such matters in an Open Meeting. Charges or complaints of such nature shall be presented in writing to school administration and signed by the person making the complaint. Thereafter, such discussion shall be conducted in a Closed Meeting pursuant to the Open Meeting Law.
  • The Chairperson of the Board may terminate the right of any speaker to continue should they be accompanied by people whose behavior is improper.
  • No response, reaction, nor action shall necessarily be taken by the Board during the Delegations / Public Comment portion of the meeting.

Communicating with the School Board

As your elected representatives, School Board members welcome questions and conversations related to governing the District. Board members actively participate in many areas throughout the community, attending advisory council meetings, serving on committees, and attending school and community meetings and events. Board members welcome invitations to your events and will make an effort to attend.

There are formal and informal opportunities to communicate with the School Board as a whole and with individual Board members.

  • Email: If you wish to communicate with the entire Board and submit questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, or compliments, please email: All Board members and the superintendent will receive your correspondence; the Board Chair or Superintendent will respond to emails on behalf of the Board. Email addresses are published on the School Board home page if you wish to contact individual Board members.
  • Telephone: For more complex or emotional topics, a phone call or face-to-face meeting may be most effective. Board member phone numbers are published on the School Board webpage.
  • Public Meetings: The Board meets at least monthly to conduct business and provide opportunities for public input. You can also make comments to the School Board at Regular Meetings.

Who To Contact

The School Board delegates the administration and management of the District to the superintendent. Austin Public Schools strives to address your questions and concerns quickly and effectively. Therefore, we have developed communication protocols to promote direct, open, and respectful interactions to efficiently work through problems and concerns.

A reminder, the first level of communication does not resolve the issue. The immediate supervisor, principal, or superintendent should be the next contact.

School Board Basics

The Austin Public School District is governed by a seven-member school board. Each member is elected at large and serves alternating four-year terms, and elections are held in years ending with an even number. School board members receive an annual $4000 stipend in exchange for their public service. The chair receives a $5200 per year stipend.

Role of the School Board

As the entity legally charged with governing a school district, the Austin School Board is responsible to its community for governing efficiently and leading effectively to provide for equitable education, resulting in high student achievement. The work of the board is guided by five standards that are essential to being an effective, high-performing school board team.

School Board Governance Model

School Board Meeting Schedule

All regular meetings begin at 5:30 p.m. (unless noted) and are held in the AHS Annex Recital Hall at 205 4th St NW (unless noted). The agenda is posted on the website three days prior to each meeting.