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Austin Public Schools

Policy 105 - Continuous Improvement

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The purpose of this policy is to ensure the principles and practices of continuous improvement are implemented throughout the District, including at school, classroom and District-wide department levels.


Implementation of the principles and practices of continuous improvement will maintain a focus on the needs of students and stakeholders and examine key student and stakeholder requirements to define the strategic direction of the District. Guided by this philosophy, District leadership will use data from variety of sources including satisfaction data to develop aims, goals, measures and results. The District will use performance criteria such as the Malcolm Baldrige Education Criteria for Performance Excellence to monitor the continuous improvement efforts of each student, classroom, and District-wide departments. All sites/departments will submit an annual improvement plan which will include data gathered from a yearly self assessment.


Malcolm Baldrige Education Criteria for Performance Improvement – This criterion provides a valuable framework for performance excellence and can help assess and measure performance on a wide range of key institutional performance indicators. The self-assessment identifies strengths and opportunities for  improvement in each of the seven criteria areas.

Policy Adopted: 04/11/11
Policy Reviewed: 5/13/13
Policy Reviewed: 11/10/14
Policy Reviewed: 3/13/17
Policy Updated: 12/9/19