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Policy 213 - School Board Committees

Policy 213 - School Board Committees


The purpose of this policy is to provide for the structure and the operation of committees or subcommittees of the school board.


  • It is the policy of the school board to designate school board committees or subcommittees when it is determined that a committee process facilitates the mission of the school board.
  • The school board has determined that certain permanent standing committees, as described in this policy, do facilitate the operation of the school board and the school district.
  • A school board committee or subcommittee will be formed by school board resolution which shall outline the duties and purpose of the committee or subcommittee.
  • A committee or subcommittee is advisory in nature and has only such authority as specified by the school board.
  • The school board will receive reports or recommendations from a committee or subcommittee for consideration.  The school board, however, retains the right and has the duty to make all final decisions related to such reports or recommendations.
  • The school board also may establish such ad hoc committees for specific purposes as it deems appropriate.
  • The school board reserves the right to limit, create or abolish any standing or ad hoc committee as it deems appropriate.


  • The school board hereby appoints the following standing committees:
    • Finance
    • Personnel
    • Facilities
    • Wellness
    • Curriculum/World’s Best Workforce
  • The school board will establish, by resolution, for each standing or ad hoc committee the number of members, the term and the charge or mission of each such committee.
  • The school board chair shall appoint the members of each standing or ad hoc committee.

Legal References:    

  • Minn. Stat. Ch. 13D (Open Meeting Law)

Policy Adopted: 07/08/02
Policy Revised:  01/10/11
Policy Reviewed: 6/10/13
Policy Reviewed: 1/12/15
Policy Reviewed: 9/11/17
Policy Reviewed: 3/9/20
Policy Revised: 11/14/22