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Austin Public Schools

Policy 411 - Student Teachers

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The purpose of this policy is to establish the basic principles for the student teacher program in the school district.


The school district will cooperate with the higher educational institutes in the provision of student teaching experiences.


Certain basic principles regarding the student teaching program areas follows:

  • No student teacher shall be assigned to any member of the public schools’ faculty to receive student teaching experience unless such an assignment shall be entirely acceptable to the teacher and to the principal of the school to which the student teacher may be assigned, and to the Director of Human Resources.
  • Most colleges pay a fee for the assistance given to student teachers. One check is to be sent by the college or university to the school district for services provided by the school district each quarter or semester. Individual checks are then drawn by the school district payable to each of the supervising teachers.
  • The student teacher program is under the direction of the Director of Human Resources in cooperation with the college or the university providing the student teachers.
  • Supervising teachers shall have achieved continuing contract status in District 492, or in another Minnesota school district, if the teacher is in their first year of employment with District 492. It should be recognized that such “supervising teachers” are not considered supervisory employees as defined by the Public Employees Labor Relations Act (PELRA).
  • Teachers who work with student teachers shall do so no more than one (1) quarter or semester with any one class on the elementary or secondary level, for each school year.

Policy Adopted: 09/15/03
Policy Reviewed: 03/14/11
Policy Reviewed: 09/09/13
Policy Reviewed: 01/08/18
Policy Reviewed: 12/14/20