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Austin Public Schools

Policy 433 - Leave for Staff Elected to Public Office

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The purpose of this policy is to set forth the conditions under which staff members who have been elected to public office or chosen as political party officers or delegates to party conventions will be granted paid or unpaid leave to engage in activities associated with their public office, status as political party officers or delegates.


Some staff members have the opportunity to serve in positions of leadership in governmental organizations. The District recognizes the value of such participation and wishes to encourage it with the understanding that the staff member’s primary responsibility is to the students in the classroom. The following definitions and guidelines have been developed for that purpose.


  • This section applies to staff members who are elected to public office, who are chosen as political party officers or delegates to party conventions and who request leave as set forth in M.S. 3.088, M.S. 202A.135, and M.S. 211B.10. If the staff member serves in that office or position with reimbursement, the staff member will be granted leave with loss of full pay for those days of absence from their work assignment. If the staff member does not receive reimbursement for their services, absence from work assignment taken to perform these services may be taken as personal leave per his/her working agreement or contract or leave at loss of full pay. Per the teachers’ working agreement, teachers may be allowed up to 5 days of absence with loss of substitute pay for those days. Additional days of absence from their work assignment would be at loss of full pay.
  • To receive consideration for the leave described in A. above, a staff member must:
    • Inform the Superintendent of Schools of the expected school time demands of the position prior to accepting the position; and
    • Request leave days in writing at least ten days prior to need.

Policy Adopted: 11/14/05
Policy Reviewed: 7/13/15
Policy Reviewed: 03/12/18
Policy Reviewed: 01/11/21