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The Packer Profile

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The Packer Profile directly results from feedback from students, staff, and family stakeholder groups during the 2021-22 strategic planning process. The Packer Profile identifies the community's shared aspirations for students and what it means to be a graduate of APS. It reflects what our students, staff, and families desire each day for our students and supports their preparation to become college, career, and life-ready.

APS graduates are entering an ever-changing world filled with endless possibilities. To support our students in achieving their dreams after high school, APS staff will model and guide students towards their development of the Packer Core Values. The core values will hold our system accountable to focusing our instruction, student engagement, and community collaboration in supporting our students to make a difference in the world.

Minnesota State Statute requires that all students beginning no later than 9th grade have access to a Personal Learning Plan.  This plan should include academic scheduling, career exploration, career and employment-related skills, community partnerships, college access, all forms of postsecondary training, and experiential learning opportunities.   

Students at Austin High School will develop their Personal Learning Plan during their 9th grade year and will continue to interact with that plan throughout their four years at AHS.  Additionally, they will create a personal portfolio highlighting their work. 


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Career Exploration Resources

As students work to explore their career options and pathways, these tools can be invaluable in helping them to make informed decisions.

Packer Profile Principles

The Packer Profile reflects 3 key principles to guide student experience throughout their education at Austin Public Schools:

  1. Career Pathways Exploration: Students will leverage their interests and abilities to explore future careers and educational opportunities.
  2. Meaningful Learning Experiences: Core content and instruction will intentionally engage students in authentic learning experiences with relevance beyond APS.
  3. Packer Portfolio: Beginning with the class of 2027, students will celebrate by sharing their meaningful pathway journey and growth in the Packer Core Values through a digital portfolio with the community.

Packer Core Values

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APS Packer Profile Task Force

During the 2023-24 school year, and first year of implementation of the Packer Profile, a task force was created to guide and support the alignment of the Packer Profile across the PK-12 system. This team was assembled to gather feedback, share ideas, and discuss how to support emerging elements of the Packer Profile as elementary, middle and high school teams begin to connect work at their sites to the three main elements (Career Exploration, Meaningful Learning Experiences, Packer Portfolio) of the Packer Profile.

Members Include: Matt Schmit, Bryce Hoffa, Emily Hovland, Jane Carlson, Jessica Cabeen, Dewey Schara, Karen Dunbar, Kirsten Norby, Kane Malo, Sheila Berger, Andrea Malo, Jill Rollie.

Community Partnerships

We are very excited to be implementing the Packer Profile at Austin Public Schools which will allow students to explore different career pathways, develop a personal learning portfolio, and engage in authentic learning in the classroom.  

We are asking community members to complete the survey below as a way to continue to develop a contact list of community members who are willing to make connections with our students and staff.  This is a great way to connect our schools and community, to help our students grow and explore through their learning, and to create connections for business in the future.  We hope you will consider getting involved and that you will take a few minutes to complete the survey as a way for us to have a database of community members for staff and students to connect with in various ways.

Please reach out to Packer Profile Coordinator, Emily Hovland, with any questions: 

School-Community Learning Partnerships: Essential to Expanded Learning Success

Program Coordinators

Emily Hovland

Emily Hovland
Packer Profile Coordinator
507-460-1800 ext: 1844 

The Packer Profile Coordinator will develop Packer Profile Lessons supporting student growth in the area of our Packer Core Values and exploration of the Career Pathways, support students in development of their personal Packer Portfolio, and collaborate with staff and the community to facilitate meaningful learning opportunities in the classroom.  

Jane Carlson

Jane Carlson
Career Pathway Coordinator
507-460-1800 ext: 0151

The Career Pathway Coordinator helps students discover their strengths and interests, explore career opportunities, identify a career pathway, purposefully select courses in their 4 year academic plan that align with their pathway, and assist in the journey to a successful career.