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Austin Public Schools

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Remote Learning Days

What are REMOTE learning days?

Remote Learning Days are school days where, instead of coming to a school building, students complete either preassigned classwork (elementary) or coursework via Schoology (secondary). At Austin Public Schools, we will use these days in the event of an unscheduled school closure.

In the past, unscheduled school closures have resulted in the loss of instructional time and, in some years, the need to make up days. Remote Learning Days allow us to take advantage of our modern digital age to address these issues and give our students authentic learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

In the event of an unscheduled school closure,

  • Parents/guardians will receive a notification via Parent Portal and the closure will be announced via local media, the district website, and social media. Our goal is to provide this notice before 6:30 am.
  • Students will use the information posted below to complete their Remote Learning Day coursework.
  • Teachers will be available throughout the day via email to provide assistance and answer student questions.
  • Academic plans will take into account time requirements and student needs.

Students in Grades PK-4

Students in Austin's Pre-K program and those at Woodson, Banfield, Neveln, Sumner, and Southgate will complete the grade appropriate Remote Learning Day Choice Card by choosing at least 1 activity per column to complete. The Remote Learning Day Choice Card will need to be returned to school.

Students in Grades 5-12

Students will complete coursework as posted on the course Schoology page.

Austin Online Academy

Students at Austin Online Academy will continue to complete coursework as assigned.