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Austin Public Schools

401 3rd Ave NW
Austin, MN  55912

District Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
7:30AM - 4:30PM

Report a Concern


Austin Public Schools strives to address your questions and concerns quickly and effectively. Therefore, we have developed communication protocols to promote direct, open, and respectful interactions in order to efficiently work through problems and concerns.

If your concern relates to bullying, please use our Bullying Report and Incident Form.

If your concern relates to a threat to school safety, please use our Threat to School Safety Form.

If your concern relates to sexual harassment, please visit our Title IX Information section.

If your concern relates to suspected abuse outside of the school setting, please visit Mower County Health and Human Services.

If your concern relates to suspected abuse inside of the school setting, please visit School Board Policy 414.

If your concern relates to a Discipline Procedure, please complete the form below and review School Board Policy 506 and the Pupil Fair Dismissal Act.

If your concern falls outside these areas, please follow the communication protocol below to make sure you get to the right person so your issue can be resolved promptly. Allow staff 24 - 72 hours to respond Monday through Friday during regular school hours. Additionally, please fill out the form below to document the contact.

The communication protocol starts with the staff member closest to the situation, as that person will usually have the most information. At times, additional personnel are required to resolve specific situations. Appropriate communication channels for a variety of topics are listed here. The District encourages any and all questions from parents and residents regarding school matters. Please see school board policy 103 for further information.

Report a Concern Form


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